The Day Of The Plantation

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Back at the plantation, the Parish family became really worried as they would not have seen or hear a trace of her in nearly two days now. Joseph had thought that Augustine would just go off to blow a little steam, but would return home later. As much as he thought that would happen, his thoughts were wrong. He along with the rest of the Parish family all would meet up outside the house in front of the field where Augustine was last seen. Joseph along with Seth and Daniel was the one who had called for everyone to come to the field. To discuss what needed to be done to ensure Augustine returned home. Joseph would be the first to speak among the three of them. Now we all know that a couple of days ago things around here were turned inside…show more content…
Joseph would then think to himself before continuing with his blueprint for Augustine 's recovery. Things just only a few days ago were so wonderful, and without any anger, or sadness, but just like that thing turned for the worst, Joseph thought to himself. This must be God 's way of testing my faith, said Joseph to himself still going over in his mind about the current situation, and horrible it is. Joseph would then get himself back together and continue where he left off. Like I said, during the course of a few days, we have welcomed back a part of this family, and in the process, we have also lost a part of our family, Joseph said as everyone 's eyes, as well as attention, were fixed on him. I have prayed continuously for Augustine 's safety, and for the Lord to show her a path right back home, where all are of course worried now that something has happened, said Joseph as his voice would begin to rise. God is indeed testing all of us, to see how strong our faith really is, and it is our job not to fail him. Joseph continued. Seth would next back up what his father had said, and afterward, say, It is my fault that she is not here with us now. I understand that. Seth would subsequently pause for a brief moment and after that think to himself that it really was is a fault and that if he had just stayed away maybe this would have not happened. However, in his heart, Seth knew he was doing the right thing, and what he was about to say was
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