The Day Of The Season Baseball State Tournament

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September 31st was the morning we had all been looking forward to for a very long time. As I approached the bus I immediately noticed the excitement rumbling throughout. It was full of laughter and jokes all trying to cover up the nervousness we all had. We all had hopes of playing in the 2012 Fall Baseball State Tournament. The weekend ahead of us was going to be full of baseball and fun, but little did I know it would end with an injury that would change my life forever. When we arrived at the field, we noticed the stand full of eager fans that had as much hope as we had. The game before us was still going on, so we had to wait nervously on the side. As the game ended, we eased out onto the field to warm up. It took us a few minutes to warm up as the coaches and umpires met before the game. When everyone was finished prepping for the game, we met in the dugout to find out that we had to take the field first. Our opponent we were facing was ranked number one in the state in class B baseball, so we had a large feat ahead of us. As we took the field, our opponent was up to bat. I was playing catcher so I had a large amount of work ahead of me. We held our opponent to only one run the first inning. It was our turn to bat. I lead off the batting order getting walked on base. One of my teammates drove me in to get a score on the board for us. The second inning took a turn for the worst and ended with a score of 5-1 in their favor.
As the game continued, the score got worse.…
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