The Day Of The Year

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It 's this time of the year again, the one day of the year that is filled with so many memories and so many tears. It 's been several years, and I haven 't seen your face, I can 't even remember even spending a father 's day with you. Every time events and days like birthday, holidays and celebrations of some sort come around I 've always tried to dig very deeply into my memories and try my hardest to remember your face, not from a picture but the moment in time when I was able to hug you and hold you. But, I can 't. I don 't remember feeling a father 's touch; fathers hug, being lifted when I couldn 't walk anymore, I can 't remember being loved and told bedtime stories and even a fathers punishment, I can 't remember you dad. I know I love you, cause your my dad, but other than just the label of being my father. I don 't know you or can remember you. I don 't like father 's day, never once did. It 's always that day I shed tears cause it 's the day everyone thanks their dad for always being there to love and support them as they grow into these wonderful adults, it 's the day everyone is given a chance to show their fathers how important they are and how they 're appreciated in their lives. But, I can 't thank someone for things I hoped they were here for, I can love you no matter the circumstance which I 've always done and forever will continue doing. Even though today is father 's day, it 's another day I get a chance to show and tell my mother how much I love and
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