The Day Of Your Grandfather 's Death

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It was a pleasant morning on June 5th. The birds where chirping and the sound of the wind brushing through the trees. All of sudden I jerked awake in a cold sweat remembering the dream I just witnessed. In my dream we where on the road somewhere when out of the blue a silver car zoomed through an odd area and hit us on the side. Right after the impact I woke up. I thought to myself how real that felt, and how silly is was to be worried about it. So I got of bed and did my morning routines. I slowly and groggily walked down the stairs I saw my mother on the couch drinking her coffee. She seemed to have a thought on her mind, and looked like she was holding back tears. I walked into the kitchen got out a cup and poured the coffee into my cup. I drowned the coffee in ice and milk. I sat down next to my Mom and asked what was wrong. My Mom responded with "Today is the anniversary of your grandfather 's death." She started to cry. I went up and hugged her. She started feeling better and said what was on the agenda today. We had to drive to Chicago to see a geneticist. My sister started trooping down the stairs and let out a big yawn. She moaned, "I 'm hungry, Jacky, Make me Food!" I asked what she wanted to eat and made it. We sat down as a family and ate breakfast. My Mom said it was time to leave, so me and my sister grabbed are 3ds 's and walked outside. The breeze was nice but I couldn 't help but feeling odd. I thought to myself maybe I was just feeling sad because of the

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