The Day - Original Writing

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Paul ignored my sadness as I helped Kat pack her things for college. When she was out of sight I forced frowns, slumped shoulders and heavy sighs, but it was like I was invisible to him. That or Paul was completely content with having an empty house again and wasn 't going to let me ruin that for him. Eventually I blurted it out as we stood in the kitchen. Paul’s back was to me. He was heating up a plate of leftover lasagna. “I’m going to feel so empty when she’s gone,” I said. Paul turned around and patted my back as if I were a child having a tantrum. I stared at my husband in awe as he walked to the kitchen table, sat down and started shoveling the steaming meal into his mouth.

When Paul suggested throwing a party once Kat was moved into her dorm room because we deserved it, because this was somehow a milestone for us too, I shut it down. But that first week with Kat gone I felt so anxious, I thought my body would start an uncontrollable tremble and eventually just shatter. I’d drive to the human society where I held a part-time volunteer position and forget whether or not I shut off the coffeemaker. In my mind, our house would be in flames and when I arrived home after lunch, there would be nothing but piles of black wood with our green metal roof having collapsed on top. I called Paul at his office every day once I pulled into the parking lot of the animal shelter and he’d sigh, his voice low and…

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