The Day That Changed My Life Forever Essay

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Imagine being choked and striving for oxygen but you’re helpless. Your heart is pounding out of your chest and you can hear it. You want to scream but your tongue is twirled, speech is slurred, so you can only tremble. Your limbs are useless, you can’t function and thoughts are racing. Hands bent right into the wrists and fingers stuck out like princes or claws. You are suffocating, scared and horrified. All you can feel is an intense amount of pain all over your body, pins and needle every inch of your skin. Shaking uncontrollably. Emotionally and physically debilitating, you tell yourself “I need to escape, get out and run because if I don’t, I might die”. October 26th of 2015.An event that I remember so precise. The day that changed my life forever and my perspective on life mentally and emotionally as a being. I can still recall the whole event now and then so vividly that it almost feels like this memory lives inside of me. It felt just like yesterday. It haunts me. I will always live by it now and live it in fear. “Sandra! Where are you?.” Lena shouted through the phone as I picked up. “I’m home, what happen?” I answered. “It’s my friend’s birthday party and you have to come with me please! It’s at the karaoke place and I heard there’s going to be a lot of people and I can’t go alone! You have to come with me!” “It’s really late…”I looked at the clock, it was a quarter pass eleven and before I can even finish my sentence… “Don’t worry! We’ll only going to sit for a

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