The Day That The Northwest Orient Flight 705

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Poetry isn 't just those long sonnets you had to analyze in high school. It’s a verse, almost like the author is talking directly to you, telling you their story. Emotion pours out of poetry, just as if you were pouring water into a glass. It may get a bad reputation because of the somewhat uninteresting Shakespearean poems, where the language is difficult to understand and difficult to enjoy. Poetry is broad, and can be almost anything rhythmic. There is no topic poetry has to follow. There are no guidelines for poetry. Its just creativity pouring out of the author.

February 12th, 1963, the day that the Northwest Orient flight 705, crashed into the Florida Everglades. February 12th, 1963, the day that began construction of the iconic Saint Louis Arch. February 12th, 1963, was also the birthday of Jacqueline Woodson, the author of “Brown Girl Dreaming” Born amidst the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Where Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr. began to protest against segregation in America. During this time, it truly was “a country caught between Black and White” (Woodson Page 1). Woodson was born in Columbus, Ohio, a northern state, that had less human rights violations and segregation than southern states had at the time of the 1960s civil rights movement. Where people lead the cause to repeal Jim Crow laws, and be seen in the eyes of the law as equals. In Jacqueline Woodson’s memoir, “Brown Girl Dreaming”, she shows how far the U.S has come, and how

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