The Day The World Changed

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The Day the World Changed Would it be weird if one day you woke up knowing that something you have wanted to make is actually going to work and changed the world forever? What if it had changed for the good? What if it had changed for the bad? Could you actually imagine a world without any phone service or internet? Do you ever wonder if people would actually communicate in a different way? What about society? Would that be different at all? Would statistics show that if there were never cellphones or internet invented, would we be any smarter than we are today? You never know if the invention that you are making is going to go overall well. You can questions what if’s your whole life, sometimes you just have to do what you need to do. Also, who would have known that people would actually hate the idea of cell phones? Some people actually hate the idea of a cell phone, and still cannot stand the idea of them still to this day. On April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper changed the world by doing such a small thing. Cooper was always into making new things or coming up with ideas to make something. Cooper is known for the first man to invent the cell phone, he and his wife also made a cell phone called the Jitterbug. A Jitterbug is a cellphone that is very simple to use and that is mostly made for people who cannot use the cell phones that are made today. There is a very big difference when it comes to technology with elderly people and teenagers. Whenever the cell phone was first
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