The Day Time Stood Still

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The day time stood still I was only 12 years old, full of energy, dreams and life. It was a normal day. I remember coming home from as usual. I went to my room and threw my book bag on my bed. After that, I went into the kitchen to make a snack as usual. It was a peperoni hot pocket, a favorite afterschool snack for my brother and I. After my snack, I went to the couch and started watching TV and talking to my brother. I remember him saying, “We better hurry and get our chores done, dad will be home in 20 minutes”. We jumped up and began our chores. I remember it was my job to unload the dishwasher and empty the trash. I hurried and took the trash out first, next I emptied the dishwasher just in time to hear the garage door opening which meant my dad was pulling into the garage. I hurried back to the couch as if I had been there for a while and continued watching TV. My dad came up the steps as usual and said “hey guys”. He went to his room where he stayed an unusually long length of time. When he finally came out he told us he ordered a pizza for dinner and that it should be there in about ten minutes or so. He gave me the cash to pay for it and said he was going to take a shower. I did not say anything, I just assumed maybe he was tired or didn’t feel well. I heard someone pull in, thinking it was the delivery driver I grabbed the money and went to the door. I realized it was my mom. I walked out to see if she needed help carrying anything in. Normally in Thursdays…
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