The Day Vesuvius Spoke

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Mount Vesuvius showered us in rage. Clouds of darkness barreled in and crowded the sky, ash rained from the heavens, and fire engulfed the city. A day such as this could only be described as Hell on Earth. For most, this was the beginning of the end.

I was awakened by the violent shake of our house and the smell of smoke that hung in the air nearly suffocating me. Horror stricken I raced out of bed to the window to see everything covered in ash and the only thing I could hear were the shrill screams and cries of my neighbors. I made my way into the atrium only to find my mother weeping into her hands. I haven’t seen her so distraught since the day Papa died; her hair was disheveled, she was still in her night clothing, and there was no sign of breakfast anywhere. “Mother, what is it?” I began to panic for fear of what she might say and with every moment of silence that passed fear filled my heart and tears began to form. “It is Vesuvius, he has been disturbed. The Gods are not pleased with our people we all shall soon perish. Emperor Titus has fled to a land in the far east and left us defenseless.” Her face was white and her eyes appeared as though she had spent all morning grieving the inevitable. Before I could speak there was a knock at the door.

Brutus, one of our neighbors and…

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