Essay on The Daycare Debate

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One of the largest social controversies of the current time are the parental pressures attached to whether or not a child should attend daycare. While many parents struggle with this decision, others do not have the luxury of choice; many questions are raised asking if it is beneficial or harmful for infants and young children to attend daycare, spending the majority of their waking hours with caregivers other than their parents. There are of course many opinions and studies regarding this issue. As with any controversial topic there is no right or wrong answers for the masses. The majority of studies conducted all seem to have similar results. This is an issue and dilemma of such personal magnitude that it should not only be regarded…show more content…
Perhaps the easiest and most straightforward aspect to asses regarding the effects of the different types of care is the physical development of infants and children. These are objective findings which can easily and definitely be measured. Children raised in a home care setting are obviously less likely to catch illness such as colds and flu, chicken pox and other communicable diseases. They do not share toy toys and objects with those children who may be infected with an illness and they are not in close contact and quarters with those who are infected. Parents who have more education and have more social concerns are also likely to be diligent about the cleanliness of the environment and are more concerned with hand washing and cleanliness. These parents and caregivers exhibit more responsibility with leaving their children home when an illness is suspected, so as to not infect other people and children.
Children who are reared in the home environment may experience delays in physical motor skills, as well as physical growth. This could be due in part to less physical interaction and mirroring of other children. The environment remaining familiar and the attentive caregiver, home caregivers often jump to the needs of their children. Although well meaning, this does not allow for the child to physically explore their surrounds as much as if they had to do it on their own. Children reared in daycare from any age
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