The Daylight Is Dim, Dark, And Gloomy

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The daylight is dim. Dark, and gloomy. The trees are dense and haunting. The tall lifeless trees with bare broken limbs surround a lady with a babushka, black coat, and leather gloves. The lady is looking down. Her emotionless face shows of a lady that has been suffering for a lifetime. The younger lady next to her is a nun wearing a religious habit looking down and away. Her face shows of sorrow as well. She looks as if she is praying and wondering how the world could be so cruel. The trees are skinny and tall that tell a true story. The trees show the hatred, sorrow, poverty, and hardships of the past. It’s an eerie forest that looks as if it’s from a fictional movie such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. It’s as if a concentration camp would be near the forest if the scene was 25 years sooner. It’s hardly a forest at all. It’s a place where two ladies are sitting beside the grave of their family. In comparison to newer movies in terms of audio and sounds Ida was plain. There really wasn’t a whole lot of talking. There wasn’t really a need to as facial expressions and just following the plot was enough to keep the viewer knowledge. The only music played was when Ida and Wanda where listening to the jazz band. No background music was needed in this film as real life noises was enough to keep the viewer aware. For example the city sounds of cars and trains where heard when Ida and Wanda where driving through the city. Or when Ida and Wanda where driving all you could

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