The Days Catapult Before Me

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The days catapult before me. The world is spinning too quickly. It gets harder and harder to retrace my steps. To figure out how I got to be here. THe years expand into eons. It gets easier for me to imagine my mother as a girl. To think about her worn-out heart breaking for the things she couldn 't hold on to. And I wonder if I 've let the wrong people go. When you lose a person, a whole universe goes along with them. Sometimes, I picture all my other selves, standing in line like a row of dominoes; separate, but part of the same disjointed whole. How can I hold a single one accountable? No one ever walks away from love, knowing they can never go back. The very first thought I ever had in my entire life was of a black hole. Even now, the black holes dominate my musings. Whilst idle, I imagine the event horizon of a black hole, the edge upon which matter can no longer sustain itself. It is the epitome of annihilation. It rends information limb from limb, molecule from molecule. It can consume entire galaxies if so inclined, atom by bleeding atom. But matter can 't be destroyed. So where does it go? Thus, the information paradox: it isn 't, so it never was, but it was, so it must be. It must have been. This is how I regard my past, sometimes. No matter how I spin, it 's always behind me. Summer blesses the hood. The heat is familiar. Beaming tendrils of light stretch their fingertips across the urban setting. The sun breaks free from the horizon, morning announced

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