The De Beers Mining Company And The Attawapiskat Community

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The most important actors in the negotiation are the De Beers Mining Company and the Attawapiskat community that lives in the area. Some other actors that may make an impact during the negotiation can include the provincial government of Ontario, and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society 's Wildlands League. They are all needed to understand the main actors, which are the DeBeers Company as well as the aboriginal community, as they can help explain the context of what is happening and why each demand is necessary in the negotiation. Negotiations are a game of chess and in order to win you need to have a good strategy and trying to counter each other moves in order to become successful. It should also be noted that there are many…show more content…
As it was stated, DeBeers was attempting to mislead the public by only providing information about certain water sources that they did not contaminate, but decided to hide information about the ones that had various chemicals in them that were released. (Bridge, 2016) This is quite concerning as mercury and methylmercury, which is a relative to mercury are both highly toxic, and can both pose a danger to not only the animals, fish and vegetation in the area, but humans as well if it builds up in the waterways. Their reports can be used not only with the Ontario government, but with the company as well showing that they previously did not follow their agreements, allowing the community to have a stronger voice during the negotiation process.
It should be noted that the Ontario government requested the company to self-monitor itself and report on the mercury and methylmercury levels near the open pit Victor mine, but the Wildlands League reports otherwise and this is a concern for the community these events can happen in their area as well. This also raises concerns with the government failing to provide proper oversight on the company’s operations. If the government sees that DeBeers did not follow their previous agreement that they signed then this will mean stricter rules and oversight on the company. Plus there will be harsher fines if they do not follow.
Starting Position and Reasoning
The most concerning part that should be
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