The Dead And The Gone By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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When we have strong love for others, we take risks, we go against our beliefs, we put ourselves in danger, and we let our loved ones go. Without love, there would be none of that. In this book, The Dead and the Gone, written by Susan Beth Pfeffer, a comet smashes the moon closer to earth and it creates all sorts of problems. Alex, a teenage boy with two sisters, starts a long journey of survival and risks. This story is so realistic, at times was hard to read. You start to ask yourself these tough questions, like what you would do in a specific situation. Through out the whole story, love is definitely a recurring theme. It shows you how well love can hold a family is distress together.
In the beginning of the story, Alex sends Bri, one of her sister’s, out into the country because he knows she will be safe there. Also he always has the food number in the back of his head. If he sends Bri away, then he and his other sister Julie won’t have to spare as much of it. When Bri hadn’t been sent away, all three of them would have to only eat two times a day.
It must have been awfully hard to send his beloved sister into the unknown. Nonetheless, he knew he had to take his chances. Otherwise Julie would have grown weak without the take in of calories. That was a time where Alex had to choose whose love he was going to share with which sister. I hope I never have to choose.
In addition to that tough love, Alex visited corps at the Yankee stadium to see if he could identify

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