The Dead By James Joyce Metaphors

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Ah, the joy of writing essays on tales that bore thyself to death. Lord pleases release my soul from this eternal torture to pursue my dreams. Nevertheless, I shall entertain you petty amusement with a rather sarcastic tier of comments "analyzing" this idiotic tale I only took one glance off, and work with my memory to put the guise that I actually read it and filled with the eagerness to explain all the metaphors and whatnot of this story for your entertainment. First of all, we take a glance at the title of this piece, discovering it’s name "The Dead” by James Joyce. Could this story be about the undead, spirits, supernatural, or maybe even a murder? No, unfortunately, it ain't what we hoped it would be. Nevertheless, it’s been just about…show more content…
There are numerous ones within this passage hidden within plain view. The story makes many metaphors to the aspect of death and time. This is present in the color black at the later paragraphs when Gabriel is imagining the funeral of Julia and whatnot. In the aspect of time, we can confirm this within Julia herself. As I have mentioned before, Gabriel notes that her beauty is ‘dying’, straying far from her former prime. It is rather sad, but at the end, that is the reality we all face, a slow fade into the pages of time itself. This continues on to the very end where Gabriel quotes that something would happen very soon. Relation to this could be that time in general compared to the time we face in this planet as an individual human is rather large, our own time being much like a speck of dust within the contents of time. With this in mind, Gabriel might be referring to death coming sooner than…show more content…
To be honest, all three subjects correlate with each other and use the same factors to express numerous ideas. The idea of symbolism, nevertheless, is equal to the other two i have mentioned. Without any prolongation, I will expand on its concept and presence within the tale. Symbolism comes in the form of blinds at the end of the passage. Blinds, as we all have knowledge of, are to cover windows. Windows, I supposed, take the position as the symbol of life, which by the windows being covered by blinds, means that death is present. This is confirmed with Gabriel’s imagined scene where Julia’s death room is dark with blinds covering down some unknown object, most probable the
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