The Dead By James Joyce

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Dubliners is a collection of short stories written by James Joyce detailing the lives of many seemingly average characters from Dublin during the early twentieth century. Throughout all of Dubliners, Joyce gives the protagonist of every story a sort of epiphany that leads them to realize the source of their unhappiness, oftentimes, the characters choose to do nothing about it. Farrington, the protagonist in the short story “Counterparts,” and Gabriel Conroy, the protagonist in “The Dead,” are two very different characters. Joyce uses this steep contrast between Farrington and Gabriel to argue about the circle of life and its routineness, and how happy endings are not common or to be expected no matter the circumstance.
Farrington is the protagonist in Dubliners’ “Counterparts.” He is a copy clerk, described as having a “wine-red face” and the whites of his eyes are described as “dirty.” His very harsh physical description mirrors his huge temper. Farrington’s only outlets in life seem to be drinking and fighting, both of which feed to his enormous temper. Farrington’s son Tom is a victim of his rage, as well as his boss Mr. Alleyne. Farrington leaves work and skimps out on his tasks as he pleases, but does not get fired. He also yells at and makes fun of his boss. His anger causes him to make mistakes at work, causing him to be angrier and thus make more mistakes, or go out to drink more. Farrington’s job as a copy clerk makes him unthinkingly repeat his actions, a fact…
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