The Dead James Joyce Analysis

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“The Dead” by James Joyce is a story with many literary elements. With one of those elements being theme. The theme of this story is the ideology that portrays male dominance over women. This is something that is continually expressed through the main character, and his relationship with women. Like other stories in the “Dubliners” series, this will result in the main character to have an epiphany and accept the consequences for his choices.
The protagonist Gabriel is strongly influenced by his interactions with women and feels that he must validate his masculinity through them. He places an enormous amount of weight on his shoulders of how they react with him no matter the relationship. In the opening scene, he has a conversation with Lily, who he has known since she was a little girl. When he makes the comment about her age and her being the age to marry, she snaps back at him with a bitter response about men. This interaction leaves Gabriel unsettled and he continues to dwell on it feeling uncomfortable and his only reaction is to leave her a tip. Although she wants to refuse it, he asserts his generosity so that her only choice is to thank him. This changes the dynamic to where Lily can no longer be offended, but is now indebted to show him thanks. Not long after the interaction with Lily, Gabriel has an encounter with Miss Ivors. The conversation between the two upsets him with a feeling of embarrassment. Because of his insecurity, he feels Miss Ivors had
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