The Dead Mind By Don Miguel Ruiz

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“The Wounded Mind” Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Mastery of Love, first chapter “The Wounded Mind” sets a focus on symbolic interactionism since there is a major emphasis on images and what those images mean to those who create them and those who perceive them. Ruiz mentions that individuals have the power to create these images in order to protect the wounds of the emotional body and mind. In addition, to the images the denial system also protects the emotional wounds, however in the denial system individuals lie to the point that they believe their own lies just to make others believe and perceive something that they are not. Furthermore, Ruiz depicts a planet where love, peace, and happiness always exist, one, which “You are no longer afraid…show more content…
The reason why I am different is because of the comfort level I have established with certain people, the more comfortable I am the more I can be myself. If I am just getting to know someone I project some parts of who I am and once I begin to form a bond, I get comfortable to be who I really am. For example, once on the bus a guy sat next to me, he tapped my shoulder and started talking to me. After I laughed about what we were talking about; he confessed that he thought that I was just going to answer his questions with a simple yes or no based on my body was positioned. I didn’t open up to him, but I felt liked I could talk to him. Sometimes I find myself in a constant battle with others opinions and my own opinion since they clash. They clash when I have a certain image while others recognize another. I try to live up to the recognized image, but there will be times when they are really not going to be compatible, therefore the need to hide behind a lie becomes practical. That is why when I came across the idea of the denial system; I thought it was used to protect lies and not the emotional wounds. However, Ruiz demonstrates otherwise, when he presents the denial system as, “His denial system tries to protect the wounds, but the wounds are real, and he is hurting because he is trying so hard to defend an image”(22). It thought me that the denial system
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