Essay The Dead Poet Society

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The statement that conformity and tradition are in opposition to individualism and defiance of authority is very true in The Dead Poet Society, and even more so in today’s society in general. One can walk into any high school and see this is true. In a typical high school, people seem to have very much in common, especially in dress, hair style, etc… which is in opposition to individualism in and of itself. People are so caught up in conforming to how society says they should live their lives, it really tarnishes the spirit of individuality human beings are meant to have. The movie The Dead Poet Society, even further exemplifies the statement that conformity and tradition defy individualism. In the story, the students have a…show more content…
On his first day, he asks someone to read the introduction of the students’ textbook on poetry. The introduction was full of complex wording and ideas about how to understand poetry, which Keating thought was meaningless. He then tells the kids to rip out the whole introduction, saying that poetry goes well beyond the “technical aspects”. Another example from the movie is the life of Neil Perry. He and his friends re-started The Dead Poet Society, which originally began with Mr. Keating himself. What Neil and his friends were doing was against school policy, but they did it anyway. Also, although Neil was very smart and popular, his relationship with his father was very overbearing. Neil had a passion for acting which his father thought was a waste of time and talent, thinking nothing of his son’s wishes. Neil’s father warned him that he was not to perform in the school play, and if he did, he would be removed from the school. Neil went to Mr. Keating for advice, and he advised Neil to tell his father how he feels. Neil performed in the play anyway, only to find his father there to take him home after the play was done. After they were home, Neil’s father expressed his disgust at his son’s defiance, and asked him what he had to say for himself, and how he felt about this. He simply replied saying, “nothing”. Later that very night, Neil committed suicide in his father’s office. Soon after Neil’s death, Mr. Keating lost
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