The Deadliest War And Its Effects On History Essay

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The 2nd Deadliest War and its Effects on History For civilization to evolve, changes must be made. Imagine what the world would be like if the Natives were just alone and no country migrated to North America. Would technology even exist? Would the main weapons be just spears and arrows? Would medicine be invented so people could live long lives without dying of diseases? These are questions that will never have to be answered because the world evolved into a much bigger and better place. The English changed North America no matter what the cost was. Some may argue that the English are the ones to blame for King Phillip’s War, but that is not the case here. The Indians did not want change and overall it did not work out real well for them. In this case, the war was brutal on both sides. The Natives did not change their customs as much as the English wanted them to. By not assimilating to European values and customs, the Natives caused war over hatred of English values and traditions and made the world a dangerous place to live in. Daniel Richter was the author of Facing East from Indian Country and Jill Lepore wrote The Name of War. Lepore made some very interesting points that will be discussed that can make the Natives look like savages, but the English were not angels either. King Phillip’s War is one of the most brutal wars in America and there really was not anything good about it. Mistakes were made and history was changed. Richter took a standpoint
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