The Deadly Black Death Plague Of Europe

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Background Information The deadly Black Death plague of Europe arrived in 1346 A.D. , during the middle ages from the Middle East as commonly thought and was also known by other names such as “the pestilence .“ The infectious deadly bacteria moved rapidly within Europe accounting for approximately 50% of mortality while disseminating northward along major trade routes of ships, lasting until the early 1350’s (Ross, 2015). The plague presented before traditional existence when living conditions were substandard, poorly ventilated and built, crowded, and waste unmanaged by regulatory guidelines for the protection of public health and safety. Background Information (cont.) Rats and fleas were abundant in existence and thought to have been the main culprit of the disease presence in humans . As a result of the host vector relation between the fleas and rats. Meaning the fleas would harbor on the rats who then transported the bacteria to humans and other rodents. Once ships would lodge at ports along the Mediterranean sea and other bordering lands within the region the already infected rodents would then pass the disease to other rats and humans because of the closeness shared between the two(Molnar & Molnar, 2000). Transmission mode of microorganism Social Implications of the Black Plague Once this well documented historic plague found it’s way into humans the rapidly moving bacteria spread
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