The Deadly Defying Factor . World War One, Also Know As

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The Deadly Defying Factor World War One, also know as the Great War, dealt many casualties and fatalities throughout its occurrence. Either through physical, surgical or mental wounds, soldiers and in some cases civilians had been in some way affected my these casualties. Disease and disorder during the Great War revolutionized the world to how it is present time. Major illnesses include Spanish Influenza, Trench Foot, Trench fever, Typhoid fever, Shell Shock, Tuberculosis, Pleurisy, Pneumonia. These illnesses caused an acceleration in medical studies and technological advances that would lead to the present day. Moreover, war, in general, causes major acceleration or deceleration in all fields of work. Disease, in particular, causes…show more content…
Bloodborne pathogens flourished throughout the trenches and yet again floods caused these pathogens to spread throughout the trench rapidly. Such as blood, body fluids came from bodies of soldiers. Either dead or alive those who were infected with any pathogen that can spread from body contact spread immensely through soldiers. Being packed in a small space only increased the number of soldiers being infected. Trenches caused many obstacles throughout the war, disease being a major one of those factors. Medical and technological advances had to be made to overcome these obstacles. This laid down the platform to how these fields would be used today. Disease although horrific for the short term caused mass amounts of death, but on the other hand, it was able to revolutionize research in the long term. America may not have come this far in our research against certain diseases without the driving factor of conditions in the war. There were several amounts of disease that inflicted troops and others through transmission. The ones that are more important in understanding how disease affected the war most was; the Spanish flu, trench foot, trench fever, typhoid fever. In a nutshell, Spanish flu is a virus that would attack the respiratory system. Trench foot is a condition that would occur if when in wet cold conditions in the trenches, that affected the foot of a soldier would, in the long run, result in an amputation. In the other hand, trench

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