The Deadly Politics Of Industrial Pollution

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Nowadays it is common to hear on the news about recent health and environmental scares especially with the increasing research done about the causes and effects of global warming. However, life just a century ago was very different. During the early twentieth century, people trusted industries. Therefore, they did not fight for government regulation of industries or the need for it to inform them about possible harmful practices done by industries. It took the deaths and emergence of illnesses of many workers and citizens for the public to start worrying. Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner discussed this time period with a focus on the lead and chemical industries in their book Deceit and Denial: the Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution. Using their book, they argued that to this day, industries must not keep any secrets and they should develop a trustworthy relationship with the public.
In the book, Markowitz and Rosner revealed the secrets kept and the deceitful actions done by industries during the 1900’s where they prioritized economic profit over the well-being of the public. In the first section of the book, they focused on the lead industry. In the early 1900’s, the lead industry was thriving where lead was included in gas, paint and consumer products. However, workers started falling ill and suspicions arose that it was due to their exposure to lead in the factories. The lead industry quickly defended themselves saying it was the workers fault for not following…
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