The Deadly Side of Power

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The Deadly Side of Power
Power, have you ever thought about it? A word so simple in nature yet the possessor of it has the ability to alter the world. As human beings we are constantly affected by it one way or another. Whether it be through being controlled by it, desiring it, or containing it we cannot discredit the essentiality and presence of it in our world. Constantly throughout every day of our lives we face an aspect of power in one way or another however the most prevalent and relatable example we face is the control of the government. The Power of the government is and essential factor in ensuring the operation and success of a country. Without such a system to control and regulate society we would be lost. The problem however is if the government instead chooses to abuse there given power it can result in deadly implications for the citizens of the country. In the famous novel Animal Farm the author George Orwell explores the concept of a government consumed by power and the deadly implications it has on society through the perspective of Animals. Through the usage of the characters of Napoleons and his savage abuse of power as well as The Pigs and there changing of the commandments of the farm to suit their own needs Animal farm shows us that power may seem harmless, but eventually it consumes the user. Ultimately this Results in the Corruption of the Novels power head characters.
At the start of the Novel the character of Napoleon seems devoted to improving the
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