The Deaf Community of Puget Sound

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Deafness is a condition spread around the whole world. In America alone over 30 million Americans have significant, chronic hearing loss and almost 2 million people that are completely deaf. And even though there are many people that are deaf, many hearing people know little to nothing about how deaf people live. Delving into the silent world reveals a great deal about the deaf community, deaf culture, and the largest controversy in the Deaf community.
One of the most crucial facts that hearing people must know about the Deaf community is that you don’t have to be deaf to be a part of the deaf community. “The Deaf Community is comprised of individuals, both deaf and hearing, who to varying degrees embrace particular community goals that come from Deaf cultural influences”. ("On Being Deaf — A Cultural View") Hearing people may receive little to no interaction with the Deaf community in their life. This can lead them to asking questions that may seem ridiculous to some people such as “can deaf people drive?” In fact deaf people have been allowed to legally drive in every state since the 1930’s. (Moore 220) And many acts and societies have been created to give deaf people the same opportunities and rights as all of the hearing people. One organization in the Puget Sound is the Puget Sound Association of the Deaf (PSAD). The mission of PSAD is to improve the quality of life for Deaf people by organizing social events for members and prospective members. (Serious) These
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