The Deal Made Between The Devil And Dr. Faustus Was Sprouted

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The deal made between the devil and Dr. Faustus was sprouted by Faustus’ inability to believe God loved him and his rejection of all Christian values. Faustus assumes he can control the devil, but no one can resist being corrupted by the devil and the powers he has. Although Faustus had numerous opportunities to turn back and seek redemption, he was dominated by his desire to know and learn beyond his boundaries. The deal truly isn’t beneficial for Faustus after considering the exact nature of their agreement and he was cautioned against the bargain, showing him the fate that a deal with the devil will never get you the rewards you’re looking for. While Faustus had many important goals he would achieve with magical powers, his deal with…show more content…
While Faustus demands power, Mephostophilis is miserable in hell and wants Faustus 's soul where the two make an unfair bargain. Before Doctor Faustus writes the contract for the deal, in his own blood, Mephostophilis gives him his last chance to change his mind, which is when Faustus decides to continue with the deal. After the contract is written, Faustus asks Mephostophilis to bring him a wife, wealth and super powers. While Faustus believes that Mephostophilis will be his servant for the next 24 years before selling his soul, it soon becomes known that it is Faustus who is the servant to Lucifer and his devil friends. Faustus believes that he will come out on top in the deal even if it means eternal punishment in the end. He puts his temporary pleasures before his fate which shows how impatient and unhappy he really is. Even when God reaches out to Faustus through the ‘Good Angel’, Faustus puts all his trust into Lucifer. He says, “When Mephostophilis shall stand by me, What God can hurt thee, Faustus? Thou art safe” (Act 1 Scene 5. Lines 24-25). Faustus clearly does not value his own soul and does not reflect on why the devil would want it. Dr. Faustus is deceived about what making a deal with the devil will encompass. He tells Mephostophilis, “Had I as many souls as there be stars, I’d give them all for Mephostophilis. By him I’ll be great emperor of the world” (Act 1 Scene 3. Lines 101-103). When

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