The Deal With Sony / Atv Music Publishing Deal

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“Since you are all songwriters for the band, a music publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing would be crucial,” stated Sonya, “we make sure that you, the songwriter/copyright holder, receives the money that you deserve. Now I know that you have a lot of music on the internet, but I just want to double-check that it is all properly copyrighted.” “Yes, we email ourselves every file and we are planning on going to the Copyright Office soon.” “That’s great to hear! Now let’s talk about your choices for deals. The first deal is a Songwriting Deal, this is intended for songwriter’s who are just starting out. You must record and/or release a certain number of songs in your term. You will also get an advance of royalties or a weekly stipend. The ownership will go to the publisher for all of the compositions that are delivered throughout your term because we will give you creative advice and also team you up with some of our expert songwriters. There will also be a 50/50 split on your royalties for the lifetime of the song,” Sonya announced, “The next deal gives you a little bit more freedom as a songwriter. It is known as the Co-Publishing Deal. This also includes a term, delivery requirement and advances against royalties. The main difference between this deal and the previous one is the fact that the ownership is split. Since the songwriter would own the copyright, they will take some of the publisher’s share. So instead of the split being 50/50, it would be…

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