The Dearth of Student Responsibility Essay

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“The Dea(r)th of Student Responsibility”
Rhetorical Situation
Writer- I am a college student and a high school senior who has seen many examples of the lack of responsibility the authors write about in this article throughout my years of schooling.
Audience- Any teacher or student who has come in contact with the issues discussed in the article will be interested in it and will be who this essay is aimed at.
Topic- I will be writing about my experiences with students, and even teachers, who lack responsibility in the educational world, and how it is effecting them and the people around them now and in the future.
Purpose- Reflect on the article and its study of the continuing decline of student’s and teacher’s desire to work and be
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Many teachers today get very frustrated with students who are literally or mentally checked out of school. Students appear to lack the desire to succeed. I think that a major reason for this is that people only think about the current, and not the future. Right now, they don’t feel like doing the work or trying hard. They would rather work or hang out with friends or play games on their I-Phones. What they do not see is how much they are hurting themselves by not putting in the effort right now. Quickly this lack of caring will put them farther and farther behind, digging them a hole they will not be able to climb out of later on. As one of the few students around me who strived to excel and work hard today, no matter how much I didn’t want to, I have witnessed this lack of work ethic and caring about school. And my belief that it would pay off later has been proven correct and I believe will continue to be my entire life.
Another reason student responsibility is lagging is because they may feel defeated. There have been so many times in my schooling where a teacher that was a bit too tough made me feel that there was no way for me to salvage my grade or a project or anything else. Everyone has times in their lives where unavoidable and unexpected problems arise that may affect their schooling. When these problems set them back, teachers can either be a
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