The Death Is Not Fair

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Death is not fair. Some see death as an enemy to defeat, others as a friend to welcome. Some die young, others with long life expectancy. Some die quickly and violently, others slowly but peacefully. Some die naturally without pain. Other, especially people with incurable illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS, die by inches in great sufferings. Even though medical treatment and palliative care are advancing at a fast speed, they are often not available or not effective enough for those terminally ill patients. Besides devastating pain, what is the worst is losing control of one’s life and having to wait for death in despair and indignity. As a result, an increasing number of dying patients want more control over the timing and manner of their deaths and want to have the option of a humane, peaceful death. A substantial majority of citizens believe that competent, terminally ill patients should have the option of receiving medication that patients could self-administer to bring about a humane and peaceful death if pain and suffering become intolerable, and a majority of physicians believe such patients should have this option (Tucker). Over the past two decades, both professionals and citizens have shown a markedly favorable shift towards the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Yet the translation of that endorsement into a feasible legislation process has not followed that pace.
Terminal diseases affect people on a dramatic scale. Last year, 56,230 deaths occurred as a…
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