The Death Of A Baby

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The first cries of a baby echoed through the air. The cries were eager and joyous, as if the baby was welcoming the world. The mother held the newborn baby and looked at her with pride that contrasted her perspiring skin and shadowed eyes. Steady clicks were heard as a nurse came in. She was holding a sleek glass tablet and briskly walked up to the side of the mother. The nurse projected a hologram of numbers, graphs and tables with a triple tap on the glass. “The baby is in good condition: healthy heart rate, height at the seventy-fifth percentile, head circumference of 12 inches, Type O blood. There is one issue to contend with, but will only be an issue in the far future. Do you want to hear it now?” the nurse said professionally,…show more content…
The woman looked at the man, the baby heavy in her arms. He carefully lifted the baby from her arms and tenderly held her. The baby cooed and babbled, ignorant of the news. The man smiled slightly, but it only twisted the somber expression on his face. There was a heavy silence as the baby fell asleep and the couple digested the news. “We’ll let her decide when she’s old enough,” the woman said. “Making the decision for her would be selfish and detrimental.” She took a deep ragged breath, turning to her husband. “It would be. We could hope it may work out over time. Subjecting her to extensive tests for a cure would only take away her childhood. Let 's enjoy her while we can.” the man said, gently rocking the baby in his arms. “What shall we name her?” he asked, glancing back at his wife. The woman laid back and closed her eyes, thinking hard. She did so for so long that the man thought she had fallen asleep. As he began to pull up the hospital covers for her, she opened her eyes and said “Nova. For the cycle of destruction and creation within her.” The woman smiled with satisfaction as she looked at her husband and the sleeping baby. “Beautiful. I couldn 't have thought of that. And her middle name? Must I decide that?” the man said. “Of course. You knew the deal. I decide the first name if it 's a girl, you the middle, and vice versa for a boy. Don 't worry.” the
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