The Death Of A Bank

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Would anyone rob a bank if they knew there were armed civilians inside. Let’s say, on a Friday night right before closing, a vehicle flies up to the bank barely stopping before two individuals jump out wielding long guns. They quickly scurry into the bank, immediately taking control away from every person inside. From this point on the people on the inside of the bank are at the mercy of those two criminals. Defenseless people, another story in the Sunday paper that is painful to read because its preventable. Now lets add a few people that exercise their right to bear arms in public. That vehicle might not show up, no Sunday article, and most importantly everyone goes home. Those people inside that bank are safer having protection at…show more content…
Count on hearing or reading about a violent crime on the news everyday. Bad news is a common occurrence in our society anymore. It seems odd that knowing that we all hear this going on around us, but no one brings up a solution that will prevent such events. Open carry is the solution that has worked for other states, and it can work here too. Chicago is a fantastic city with a bad rap sheet, this requires a drastic change to correct these issues. These waves of violent crimes are just accepted as something that is uncontrollable. Innocent people are becoming victims to the wrong place wrong time scenario. Legalizing open carry will change what is heard on the news. It’ll make it harder for a writer to get a story on someone 's misfortune. Chicago suffers from robberies, murders, as well as aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon, and much more that are preventable with the right to open carry a firearm for self defense and defense of others. People don’t need to believe that tighter more restrictive gun laws are the answer, that only means “ Honest people have been disarmed, severely limited in their legal ability to defend themselves, and left at the mercy of thugs.” (Malcolm, pg. 187). Legalize open carry and crimes that make Chicago a scary place will decrease. Petty robberies that put cashiers at risk, or bank tellers will decline. Murders rates along with assaults will decrease also. Some will argue that putting firearms in more
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