The Death Of A Beloved Creature

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Silence Gliding through the water, so gracefully. Happy as can be with no care in the world. The water so calm and serene with all the different hues of blue, reflecting the bright blue sky. Near the shore it was pale blue, nearly translucent, and as its depth became eternal it changed from pale blue to a deep sapphire. The trees on the far side of the lake were mirrored within, the leaves fraught with color; and as the lake rippled, they seemed to dance with a passion all their own. Until, a disturbance arose. The death of a beloved creature. Too abrupt. She was young and beautiful. She was the embodiment of every ideal and every principle. She was unusual. Authentic and true. With a gray¬brown head and a brownish, green crest.…show more content…
The fact of trash being everywhere provides an endangerment for wildlife in urban areas due to habitat destruction. The ruining on wildlife’s habitat means that they easily can get killed by some of the many dangerous items of litter that is pretty much everywhere. With that much amount of littering going to trash, you can literally understand how much litter there really is, and how much dangerous items there honestly could be out there to potentially harm animals. With all that money to pick up billions of dollars’ worth of trash you can see how a seemingly small problem like littering really is, and know how much of a massively important problem that littering really is. The amount of resources it takes to fix this problem is heartbreaking. That could be going to schools, reconstruction, the economy, new technology, and the bettering of the community. That one or couple pieces of trash that fall is all it takes for an innocent animal walking by to eat, or try to put its head in and get killed in a matter of mere minutes. A glass bottle that falls out will shatter and an animal walking by can eat glass and die a gruesome and agitating death. A wrapper can easily be swallow whole by an animal only to be stuck in its throat to slowly choke away, by a seemingly non¬dangerous item. It is amazing how a small amount of litter and all the dangerous it can cause in an environment. There are some many places it can come from too. People
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