The Death Of A Bottle

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It is a bright night in the small Alaskan town of Nightmute, like most nights and days for that matter in this town where the sun only sets a few months out of the year. A murder has occurred in this town by a mental imbalanced calculating man. Wait, maybe this doesn’t interest you, how about a different tale about an alcoholic psychiatrist that mourns the loss of his wife in the bottom of a bottle, after giving up on his career and his life he is slowly pulled back from the brink of melancholy by a very gifted but very angry young man who is wasting his life and intelligence on petty fights and working as a janitor. If these tales are not your cup of tea, then not to worry because "onstage he was known for ricochet riffs on politics,…show more content…
Let 's talk about all three sides of this amazing man’s character persona. Robin Williams began his legendary career as a standup comedian, using his quick wits and seemingly never ending amount of energy to find fame early on the stage. He was an admitted abuser of cocaine, which he also referred to as "Peruvian marching powder" and "Devil 's dandruff" in the 1970 's and 80 's, "Anything that makes you paranoid and impotent, give me more of that" (Itzkoff n.p.). He openly addressed his drug habit in his comedy act. Because of his unique style he quickly set himself apart from other comedians and found himself on television. After a few small roles in other shows Robin was given his first leading role on Mork and Mindy. While the show only lasted 4 seasons Robin’s refreshing acting style quickly set him apart for all his contemporary’s, and this became his first and most seen acting persona. A man that could talk and act a mile a minute, he would change voices and break into dance without a second thought and make it seem as if it is completely natural for the character to do it. Like a magician, he would show you all the flash and showmanship needed to distract just long enough to pull off an amazing trick. Taking even the most mundane situation and or story and making it something
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