The Death Of A Bullet

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Bang! A gunshot went off at night in the town of Hartsville, Montana. Diana Dixon died at 60 years of age. The police found her body when the neighbors called them. It was that same night her son David was found with blood on his coat. Diana was murdered and the town was in shock.

The police took David to the station questioning him about the night his mother was murdered. David was the son of Diana Dixon, who adopted him as well as his sister Jennifer. He worked at a gas station just down the road from his house, the place his mother was murdered.

At the crime scene, the shell of a bullet was found as well as footprints belonging to someone with size 13 shoes. The same size David wore. The blood belonging to Diana, type AB+, was found on David. David would keep telling the police he didn’t kill his mother. In fact, David and his mother got along well. They spent time together and went to church every Sunday. Everybody thought David was guilty, except for one man who was about to uncover the facts.

The night Diana was murdered, October 19, a man by the name of James Mccullough was eating at his favorite restaurant when he saw a car speeding by with two men. It looked like someone was just driving until James saw masks on the men. He also saw the car stop. One of the men stepped out and threw a bag in a dumpster. James later investigated the dumpster and found a gun! After reporting this to the police, they ran the gun for fingerprints. One set was found. They belonged to
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