The Death Of A Bus Ride

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slowly shifting across the wall, some of the dots I recognized, most of them I didn’t. They were just too far away for me to see their faces. “I wonder what they were thinking about way up there.” I thought. But my thoughts were quickly drowned out by the constant cheering and yelling. I didn’t mind it that much though, especially compared to the bus ride. At least outside I wasn’t restricted to a foot of moving room and I was surrounded by nature. I have to say it was quite relaxing if you ignore all the negative things about this place. Things could 've been much worse… as I found out later. As I stood there cheering and shouting, I saw everyone from the other group slowly come down one by one, the people hanging on the wall slowly dwindled down from 5, to 4, to 3, to 2, to 1, until there were finally none left. It didn’t take long after that before we started to get ready. Although I hadn’t really been worried that much, while looking at the gear and at the cliff, I did start to get a little scared. Although, at the same time I was very exited. My emotions battled each other until I finally let go of all of my worries and tried to think positive. “Okay, I’m ready” I told the instructor, he walked over to me and showed me how to use my gear, it seemed simple enough. Before I knew it my group was all ready and geared up. We walked over to the test bar which was basically a preview of the actual course in order to get a feel for it. As we approached it, I tried my hardest…

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