The Death Of A Divorce

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Young children growing up in single parent households, moving each weekend from house to house[I might say “moving from house to house(each weekend)” just for the flow], has become normal when it should not. Each year families break apart as the trend of divorce continues to rise in the United States. As often as divorce does occur, and although many believe there is justification for a divorce, there is only one valid reason for Christians to get a divorce. Christian individuals should not divorce unless there is adultery involved, because despite the world’s justification for divorce, Christ has called for Christians to remain committed to their spouses, regardless of trials. When couples get together and decide to ‘tie the knot” and…show more content…
Couples often see fights as a sign of the two being incompatible when in reality everyone fights. When the fighting begins, communication becomes more difficult and a “breakup” is one way to not have to deal with the chaos of argument, however this is not a legitimate reason for a divorce. There is such thing as healthy conflict and it is possible to learn how to use conflict to rebuild and strengthen relationships. (I would introduce a couple synonyms for “fight”, just a bit overused. But a nice paragraph)
Although when many were younger they did just break-up when fights occurred, marriage involves a bigger ritual, thus requiring a bigger commitment. In vows, each couple states their commitment to each other and they are expected to honor their commitments. Marriage is hard, but commitment to each other should prompt them to try and repair the damage done by fights and miscommunication. Every relationship takes work, and a marriage is no different. Unless one works toward having a healthy relationship, one will never have one(maybe say something like, “it will be unatainable” or something? the one and one sound a bit odd).
In the situation of abuse in the home, divorce is still not condoned as a first resort, but separation is highly encouraged. There are options other than divorce for those who suffer from abuse, although divorce is the most popular answer, and often seen as the only answer. When
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