The Death Of A Doctor

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General Overview
Death is inevitable, most of us do not know when or how, but it happens to everyone. The thought of planning your death or having a doctor help complete the task is hard to contemplate. What if you were dying, you had a terminal illness that you would never recover from, imagine as the part of the disease process you would slowly lose your ability to: care for yourself, feed yourself, you would lose your memory, and the ability to walk or talk. What if during this process you would have pain and agony beyond words and despite trying all the medical options available there was just no relief. Life is sometimes unfair and we are faced with tough decisions, what if a you had the opportunity to do the things on your bucket list, make amends with family or friends and when you got to the point that you couldn’t stand the pain and agony anymore you could say goodbye and take a pill and go to sleep and it would be the end of suffering. I believe that voluntary active euthanasia is morally acceptable for terminally ill people.
First we need to establish exactly what euthanasia is. Euthanasia as defined by our text is “directly or indirectly bringing about death of another person for that person’s sake.” (Vaughn, 2013, p. 357). There are several forms of euthanasia; voluntary euthanasia, performed with a person’s consent; involuntary euthanasia, performed without a person’s consent and non-voluntary consent, where the person is incapable of giving consent. Next, we
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