The Death Of A Free Coke Essay

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• Hugging the machine in Singapore to get a free Coke • Dancing to get a free Coke in Korea • Cycling on the beach to burn 140 calories (the same amount of calories in a bottle of Coke) for a free coke • Singing a Christmas Carol to get a free Coke in Sweden • Recycling old Coca-Cola bottles in Dhaka, Bangladesh and India to play free games on the machines However, the initial happiness machine started as an attempt to win the heart of the social-media savvy teens by creating a viral digital marketing campaign around happiness. At St. John’s University in Queens, NYC a machine was installed in the middle of the school’s final exam period. Set up for two days, hidden cameras recorded the unsuspecting students’ reactions as they reached to buy a bottle of coke, but instead were showered with 20 cokes, a bouquet of flowers, a pizza, balloons, or even a 6-foot long sandwich. Students from St. John’s University shared their moments of joy and ‘happiness’ via social media and spread the word that was started by just one post by Coca-Cola in the form of the video of students reacting. Approximately 10 days after announcing the video on Facebook, the video had been seen 1 million times. Within two months, the video had been viewed over 2 million times and, by April 2010, the video had been viewed over 2.2 million times. In 2014 Coca Cola decided to combine their campaign of happiness and pleasure for a global issue. The company focused on Dhaka; a city in Bangladesh that is

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