The Death Of A Girl

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Imagine this. There is a fifteen-year-old girl walking into first block at her high school. She is trying to remember what is due today for her first class and the rest to follow. Today is a different day though; it is the one-year anniversary of her stepbrother committing suicide. Not everyone knows that today is the day, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She is stressed about the homework she might not have done and her mind is in so many different places. The first bell rings so she takes her seat and looks at the board. A worksheet was due and she hadn’t completed it. Swiftly walking around the room, the teacher comes to collect the worksheet, but she hadn’t completed it. The girl doesn’t pass her worksheet forward and tries to explain to the teacher it was a rough day, but the teacher does not care. Sitting there blankly, the girl is still thinking about her brother instead of school. The day carries on, but still the girl is not mentally in school. Her grade book reflects the bad day and the teachers that didn’t care enough to listen to the student. The student is more stressed out than before and her mind is going crazy. Sinking deeper and deeper into a whole that cannot be climbed out of she tries to forget about the couple bad grades. Its just one bad grade, that wont hurt right? Until next week when she has family problems at home and one bad grade turns into two bad grades. The stress once again rises and no one is willing to listen. Teachers, parents,…

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