The Death Of A Helmet

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It all happened in a matter of seconds. He had decided to ride his motorcycle that day to work, unaware that it was going to rain later than evening. The roads were slick with rain and various other fluids, making the ride home a challenge. He was careful. At least, he thought he was. Turning his head to look at the billboard on the side of the road, his front tire hit a pothole. Beyond the face shield of his helmet, the terror on his face was evident as he lost control of bike and began to slide across the pavement. Though he wore a helmet, it was ill fitting and it came off as the out of control bike dragged him across the pavement. The friction from the bike sliding across the asphalt caused sparks. Unfortunately, a car with an oil leak had passed through before, and one of the sparks landed on the flammable liquid. He was engulfed by flames with in moments. When the EMTs and fire department finally arrived, he had burns stretching over seventy percent of body. The right side of his face, including his ear, were no longer in existence. He survived after months of painful surgeries, therapy, and prayer. However, he was disfigured. Before the twenty-first century, the remedies to his deformity would have been limited none. Skin grafts from healthy part of his bodies or cadaver skin could have been used to help heal some of the injuries sustained from the accident. Even then he faced the possible risk of infection, his body rejecting the new tissue if it were cadaver, or…

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