The Death Of A Hospital

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As a family, we had numerous good cries to wash out our hearts. We couldn’t keep it inside or it’d tear us apart. This was the longest week of our lives beginning on the first of January last year. I expected to celebrate the New Year with friends; however, unexpectedly, I was crying in the arms of my father at a hospital. I was not prepared for what had happened, but thankfully, the staff at the University of Iowa Hospitals was. My family still clung to each other, scared to death. Sometimes the memories still force me awake at night.
To begin the night, my mother grew very weak. After refusing to go to the emergency room all day, her stubborn ways had finally given in. I remember placing her coat over her shoulders because she no longer had her usual strength to put it on. Holding onto her left arm the whole way, I assisted her in getting into the car. After a short drive to the hospital, we waited impatiently for a few test results. The doctor did not relay any positive information afterward. My father and I were informed that my mother was extremely anemic and that she also had blood on her brain. Iowa City was the only option and at this point I became very concerned for my mother, my best friend.
Later on, I vividly remember the ambulance passing us on the highway as I gripped my father’s hand, curled up on the seat. In the emergency room in Iowa City, we sat for hours. We were then guided to the sixth floor where an elderly man flashed me, nurses repeatedly yelled
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