The Death Of A Kid

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Imagine having the time of your life. The day going smoothly but then it just turns for the worst. Imagine having the biggest, worst, or horrifying cut or accident in your life as a kid, having the cut leave a scar and having to see it every time you move your arm or look at your arm. Imagine little tangles of pain when seeing it or just remembering the story or having your arm and body tremble in pain while writing this essay because of the sensation the cut give you when it happened. Reflecting on how stupid kids are when young and have someone’s stupid mistake can have a never ended sensation of pain.
Why as a kid every barbeque I ever went to lead to me getting hurt? Even within the simplest of barbeque causes me to get hurt. But this simple barbeque scars me for life because it leads to having an accident where it physically left a scar. In an annual barbeque, my parents and their friends would do for their kids, to end the summer and get ready to go to school within a day or two. This is a small barbeque that takes place in front of an abandoned house. The bbq consist of a white outdoor table, a medium sized grill, several packs of hotdog and hamburger meat, cheese, sausage, both hotdog and hamburger bread, and more. Two different cooler one cooler fill with beer (Corona, Heineken, Budweiser, and Modelo) and another cooler with soda, juices, and the hotdog and hamburger meat. While all the non-refrigerator item was put on top of the white table next to the grill.

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