The Death Of A King

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Introduction Son of a king, Siddhartha lived a privileged and opulent life, sheltered from the sorrows of the world. However he eventually grew tired of the indulgences of his royal life, and searched outside the palace walls in search of more. Upon leaving, he encountered an old man, a sick man, a deceased man and an ascetic. These encounters made Siddhartha begin to question the reason behind “human frailty” (PBS) though he wanted to go in search of these newfound questions, he knew he had a social responsibility to his father. After fulfilling his social duties of fathering a son, Siddhartha traded his privileged life to search for the truth of the world. For many years, he shadowed gurus, starved himself of all worldly possessions and meditated in hopes of finding the truth of the world around him. He did so, until he realized that punishing his body was not helping him achieve his spiritual liberation. After many years of searching, his enlightenment came to him while he meditated under a Bodhi tree. The Four Noble Truths are products of his understanding of how we live and the ways we can end suffering. The Four Noble Truths are the Truth of Dukka (suffering), Truth of the Origin of Dukka, Truth of the cessation of Dukka and Truth of the Way (Bhikkhu, 2013). In essence The Four Noble Truths describe how the elimination of unnecessary suffering in life would allow you to achieve enlightenment. The ultimate happiness (enlightenment) is the ultimate goal of today’s

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