The Death Of A Lonely

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Inside a lonely temple atop a lonely mountainside sat two lonely statues. The first, the one with the pudgy face and perplexed complexion, dreamed of a bungalow in Haiti, though he had not moved in a thousand years and had no idea what Haiti was or what a bungalow either, but he imagined both had to be as nice as they sounded. The second, the one with the pointy nose and jagged teeth, longed for a companion with an IQ above thirty three, for it had been ages since he had had a good conversation and- "My nose itches," the first one mumbled. The second one gave an exasperated sigh. "Your nose cannot itch, Bernie. It’s impossible." "How do you know that, huh?" Bernie grumbled. "I can feel it on the tip of my nose, like a little feather…show more content…
They always came back. But this is where Bernie became upset. The flowers went on their travels and so did the birds and the other creatures, but where had he gone? When was the last time he left the temple or did something wild like change his look up a little or talked to anyone in the entire planet besides Marty? Bernie hadn 't done anything besides what he 'd been doing from the very beginning of time. He was quite flustered with the thought. "Marty?" he asked hesitantly. Marty closed his eyes, hoping that if he pretended to be asleep, Bernie would leave him alone (this was foolish to believe of course, for, having both been positioned to stare straight ahead, neither had the power to turn and look at the other). "Marty?" Bernie tried once more. "Martyyy?” "Maarttyyyyyy?" "Mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaarrrrrrrttttttttyyyyyyyyyyy?" "WHAT!" Marty barked, his statue jumping up and down in angry bangs, "WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT, BERNIE?"
There was a brief pause. "There 's no need to yell," Bernie murmured. Marty rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. "What do you want?" "I don 't think I want to ask you now," he grumbled, lifting his chin, "not if you 're gonna get cranky." "OH MY-" Marty bit his tongue and closed his eyes, slowly counting to ten before he began again. "Bernie, what would you like to ask? I 'll be very extra nice and not yell at you." "You promise?" "Yes, I promise, now spit it out." Bernie seemed comforted by his friend 's honesty, yet the
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