The Death Of A Loved One

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Loss is a process that everyone must experience in their life. The death of a loved one is an incredibly difficult loss to overcome. The death of a loved one could happen anytime in a person’s life and never becomes easy to cope with. Although everyone must confront this reality, not all cope with their grief in the same manner. One person’s grieving process could differ to another’s with differing variables, such as: length of process, details of loss, manifestations, and severity of grief. People’s grieving processes may slightly differ from one another, but as long as an individual is able to work through it, then they will eventually be able to eventually conquer their grief. The majority of individuals have the ability to overcome the grief from the loss of a loved one, but there is a minority that have complications. It is important to understand how individuals were able to work through their grief and why others were not able to reconcile the loss of their loved one. Losing a loved one is extremely painful, and pain that one incurs after the loss of a loved one will never disappear, as the individual must learn to live with the pain. This literature review of grief will encompass the assessment of bereavement, grief processes, therapies designed toward bereavement, and the differences in diverse populations. The summarization of this information should lead to a broad understanding of grief after the loss of a loved. The paper will also overview the
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