The Death Of A Man

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February 15, 2015 Asaad a Lebanese citizen sat to eat lunch with his cousin Walid, uncle, wife, and children that 's when his uncle decided to go down memory lane and spoke of a conflict that Asaad and Walid had had over a piece of land previously. One word lead to the other what was a small intended conversation developed to a fight that ended up with Asaad shooting Walid in his shoulder and his uncle in the stomach when he was trying to get a hold of him and calm him down. His children with frightened eyes and his wife 's tears and screams never separated his mind as he was dragged by the police. After being released several months later Asaad reported that till now that incident turned his life upside down and the fact that he almost became a murderer for the most trivial reasons changed his way towards guns and their uses that needed to be sub stained. Let 's think of a scenario where the same situation occurred but this time Asaad didn’t have a gun, wouldn 't that have been a better outcome than 2 people hospitalized and one incarcerated for a few months? Yes, Lebanon is a country with a wide variety of social problems and one of the little discussed but most occurred and this issue has many causes and tremendously frightening effects but, of course to every problem there exist solutions that hopefully the Lebanese society would abide to. The Lebanese society had several reasons to justify clearly the causes of the gun madness that lead to what we are today

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