The Death Of A Manicurist

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Death of a Manicurist When the time comes for a woman, or even a male, to get their nails done, it is not typical to think about the impact on the workers. The lives of the technicians are deeply impacted by their jobs and how dangerous the chemicals are they surround themselves with every day. Sarah Maslin Nir’s article “Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers” from the New York Times, an article from Scientific American by Dine Fine Maron, and The United States Department of Labor gives many reasons why nail salons need to start protecting their staff. Workers suffer through painful losses and many health problems; some of the medical problems are life threatening. The issues caused the chemicals used and the health problems caused seem to be a lot for how long the products last. The first major medical problem for salon workers are miscarriages and children having problems once they are born. The chemicals from the products used can affect the baby months before it is due. Maslin Nir interviewed a woman named Ms. Rocano, and she recounts what her doctor had told her: “When babies are forming in your womb, they absorb everything, and if they are exposed to anything, it can cause them harm,” (Maslin Nir 208). One chemical that is believed to specifically cause these problems is Dibutyl Phthalate, which, in small amounts, is used in nail polishes and polish hardener. Another chemical that can affect a woman’s pregnancy is Ethyl methacrylate also known as EMA, which is known to
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