The Death Of A Mint Oil

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The queue grew thinner until Morgana reached the counter and purchased her mint oil. Although she could feel the familiar warmth of magic reviving itself in her body, and had been able to re-light candles in her room last night by concentrating on them, her powers were nowhere near their peak. Again: was it simply due to the injuries sustained in King Lothar’s tomb? This sabbatical couldn’t stretch on forever. Still, she had to admit that over the last three weeks, Lydil had grown on her. Despite the injuries, clean air, a proper bed and wholesome food had begun their good work, if ever so slowly. Remembering to keep her head down, she passed both merchants, wondering how they might react if they realized the “mad woman” had been…show more content…
She had often seen Princess Mithian, completely immersed in her own world, knowing that manipulating her would be child’s play. Out of all the plans she had hatched in order to secure Camelot’s Throne, this should have ranked as the most successful. Odin needed no persuasion to invade Nemeth, particularly when she advised him of the gold, silver, jewellery and fine cloth to be found in abundance-- indeed, he had almost wept for joy! Out of all Odin’s failings, she preferred his greed to his cowardice. Who had melded him into this trembling specimen of subservience? Another one of Arthur 's misty-eyed speeches on peace, unity and working together for the common good? Well, men had been bought for far less. Rare fine wines, judging from the conversation she had just heard. Still... as much as she might scoff at Odin, Camelot gained much from it. Other kingdoms still disputing land and titles with Camelot would be encouraged by it and possibly reach further agreements. After all, Nemeth had still abided by the terms Arthur set forward, even after he rejected Mithian 's hand in marriage. Without money or access to an army, what chance would there be in future to attack? No use fretting about the future when trying to recover right now. One step at a time. Remaining in Lydil had been an excellent idea and once her magic returned... Yes; everything would turn in her favour. In this
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