The Death Of A Old Italian Friend

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The story opens up with the narrator talking about his early life. He starts his book by talking about his childhood and his parents Caroline and Alphonse, he also describes how he grew up. He reveals how Alphonse became Caroline’s protector after the death of her father Beufort, their subsequent engagement and their marriage.
After the death of her mother, Elizabeth is adopted by Frankenstein family. Caroline encounters Elizabeth when she is on a trip to Italy to visit an Old Italian friend. By this time, Victor is almost in his fifth year. Caroline adopts Elizabeth with the hope that one day Elizabeth and Victor would become husband and wife.
Victor and Elizabeth become great friends and they grow up together happily. Victor has schoolmate named Henry Clerval, whom he also loves. In his teenage, Victor is carried away by wonders of nature. He reads books about natural philosophy and studies the occurrence of natural phenomena with a lot of interest and vigor. He is fascinated by great authors of the sixteenth century such as Agrippa, Paracelsus, and Albert Magnus. He later shifts his interest from alchemy to the formation of electricity after another philosopher explains to him the working of electricity. He later becomes fully convinced by the explanations and demonstrations given by his father about formation and working of electricity.
Women in Frankenstein story are required to love and sacrifice their time for the families. Throughout this story, they are portrayed

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